Getting To Know Us

It’s true, we’re obsessed with all thing’s fertility, reproductive health & sexual wellness.

We wanted to create a brand that we love, that we believed in; a brand that would exceed our expectations. We wanted to start a conversation, to break down stigma and to create an open space for all parent’s-to-be.

We are big believers that it is never too early to take steps to preserve your fertility. Whether your baby plans are a far away dream or you’re already taking steps to begin your little family, Fertile you is a place for all your natural fertility support needs. There are many natural ways to help take control of your fertility health & that’s exactly why we’re here: to help best set you up for successful conception.

We want to inspire a conversation that will change the way our society talks about fertility, reproductive health & sexual wellness. It’s time to prioritise our fertility health & get excited about it! After all, taking care of your fertility health should be fun! It’s what helps us create new life, arguably the coolest thing humans can do, right!? 

For too long, many of us have viewed pregnancy as a faraway destiny that will one day just ‘happen.’ Too often we see want-to-be parents find out it’s ‘too late’ whilst struggling to conceive naturally. Fertility is much more than just a ‘wait and see’.  We at Fertile You want to encourage your fertility health. Naturally!

So why Fertile You?

Our mission is simple: to create a deeper awareness of fertility and educate our community on the steps that can be taken to maintain and enhance it. We want to provide you with accessible information, products and tools that will support your fertility, reproductive health & sexual wellness, no matter where you are on your journey.

We know that fertility & conception can sometimes be a little daunting & confronting, but that’s why Fertile You are here to support you every step of the way! Don’t worry, together, we’ve got this!

    • Proudly Organic
      Proudly Organic

      Here at Fertile You we don’t have time to mess around with all the chemicals & other nasty toxins. We create purposeful natural organic and ethical products to help those starting or continuing their fertility journey.

    • Australian Made
      Australian Made

      All Fertile You products have been carefully & thoughtfully curated right here in Australia with each natural and organic ingredient specially chosen for you.

    • Vegan Friendly
      Vegan Friendly

      Our Fertile You products are 100% vegan and cruelty free too. We can see that getting your nutrients from plant based foods is is highly beneficial in many different ways as they are packed with natural fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.