Meet our Founder

Hello! I’m Tatiana Ippoliti and I’m the Co- Founder of Fertile You.

 I am so excited to finally share my journey with you. 

You may be wondering why the obsession with fertility & reproductive health? Well here's how it all started...

Throughout my entire life, from a very young age, fertility has been a big and special part of my life. My Mum, Dr Lynn Burmeister, is one of the leading IVF specialists in Australia, and so naturally, I have grown up surrounded by fertility and learnt a lot along the way. 

The more I learnt the more I was fascinated. The more I grew, the more I eagerly enquired about fertile health and our reproductive system. I still remember the day I found out that not everyone had the same chances of naturally creating babies, something that many dream of constantly from a young age. I was struck, & only wanted to find a way to help. 

Growing up surrounded by the fertility industry has allowed me to gain knowledge and learn about the world of fertility from the best. Have you noticed that fertility, reproductive health & sexual wellness tends to go unspoken about amongst the younger generation? So have I, and I didn’t like it. I knew I had to try and change this as I was so aware of how important taking care of fertile health from early on is. So many lifestyle habits and factors can impact our overall fertile health. 

And thus, Fertile You was born: A brand that promotes awareness & normalises conversations about fertility, reproductive health and sexual wellness. Not only for those tying to conceive or experiencing fertility issues, but for the generation below them, to educate the youth & encourage them to take control of their fertility health, before it’s too late.

Women and men should be granted the tools and information that allow them to take control of their fertile health. And that’s why we’re here, along for the journey, and by your side, every step of the way.

We hope you love Fertile You just as much as we loved creating it for you. We can't wait to learn, grow, laugh and play, and make you more fertile along the way!

With Love Always,